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Crucible's driving program is born from decades of driving in unpredictable and challenging environments. Our driver training looks at the vehicle as a security instrument and not simply a mode of transportation. Students learn to maximize the connection of driver, vehicle, and driving surface as a force multiplier in the survivability of personnel and the mission. We do not teach race car driving, but focus on vehicle control and techniques to maintain vehicle operability and maximum capability. Our driving program includes hard surface, unimproved roadway (gravel and dirt), technical off roading and transitioning through each. We provide sedans, SUVs, automatic and manual transmissions, and left and right seat drive vehicles.

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Training includes the individual vehicle, convoys and personal security detail driving.

• On-Board Computers

• High Speed Driving

• Anti-Terrorist Driving

• Attack Mitigation

• Convoy Operations

• Close Defensive Driving