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Formed in 1993, Crucible is a small business under NAICS code 611699 and is a specialized, high-risk environment (HRE) training company, providing instruction to the United States Government, Department of Defense, other Government agencies (OGAs), and multi-national corporations.  Located 60 miles from our Nation’s capital, Crucible’s training facility provides classrooms, firearms ranges, high speed 2.1 mile track, unimproved roadways, off road trails, matted combatives training area and scenario sites that replicate real world environments for people operating in austere locations worldwide.  We have earned our credentials as global providers of operational services and training with over 25 years of continuous, successful business in more than 50 countries. Our formally trained and internationally experienced instructors bring a deep knowledge base to Crucible’s training and security management system.  We bring our clients training from the operational field and services with silent confidence.

Crucible's Commercial And Government Entity (CAGE) Code is 1JGH7 and is registered with the System for Award Management and Acquisition Resource Center.