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Job Posting:

Crucible is recruiting for tactical instructors to live and work in Northwest Florida.  Potential candidates must have completed at least an academic regionally accredited associate’s degree (or higher).  Have direct experience within the past 6 years of conducting US military combat tactics or training in military combat tactics that include one or all of the fields described below AND at least 500 hours of experience conducting formal instruction to Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) and associated personnel.  Candidates must have graduated from a defensive driving course.


Candidates are sought with the above criteria and one or a combination of the following specific areas of experience


Advanced Tactical Weapons:  Experience/Qualifications with the Air Force Qualification course standard, specifically with the Berretta M-9, Sig Sauer M-11 pistol and the M-4 with reflexive optic.


Tactical Combat Casualty Care:  Experience with conducting TCCC Instruction & practical experience operating didactic, hands on level instruction in the AFSOC Tactical Operations Medical Simulator (TOMS) lab, and be a current national registry emergency medical technician; Paramedic level highly desirable.


Tactical Force Protection:  Experience in Aircraft Cockpit Denial/Active Shooter/Insider Threat, AFSOC anti hi-jacking/ antiterrorism procedures, AFSOC specialized & non-standard aviation mission experience, and ability to relate the curriculum directly to current possible AFSOC missions. ATFP Level 2 qualified highly desirable.


Anti-Terrorism Dynamic Defensive Driving:  Instructor experience in a defensive driving course that includes vehicle dynamics and anti-terrorist driving TTPs.


Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter highlighting how your experience meets the requirements above to